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Why does STEP need members and what are the dues used for?

The annual membership campaign for the STEP Foundation is held every January through March. Membership dues are the source of administrative funds from which expenses are paid to cover administration costs, such as the salary of the ED, supplies and postage.  This allows the money that is given to the permanent endowment to draw interest, which is the source of scholarships and grants.

Want to be a part of making Nemaha County a Great Place to LIVE? Simply click on the donate button to become a new member and join us!

If you are already a member and want to renew your membership, simply click the donate button! Don't hesitate, join or renew today!

STEP Foundation has four types of memberships:

  • Single membership - $30.00
  • Family membership - $50.00
  • Business membership - $60.00
  • Group membership - $60.00

Our membership form is available here.  You can download the form and mail it directly to us! We appreciate your interest in the STEP Foundation.